Safe. Clean. Potent.


All our farming practices comply with organic standards. While many of our fields and our soil are organic, the hemp plant is not currently designated as “organically certifiable” here in California. We caution you to look for those claiming “Organic CBD” here in California when in reality it is only possible to be “organically grown.”

From the fields of Ventura, California, to the plains of Chicago, Illinois, we aim to source all our components in the USA. From the hemp we grow in our own fields to our extraction, packaging, and formulation partners, we support American farmers and businesses.



Venterra Farms uses the most nutrient rich and beneficial portion of the hemp plant for sub-critical extraction. A functionally driven product line meets the demands of daily life. Our products are full spectrum and fully activated, meaning they contain the highest number of beneficial compounds, from promoting focus to supporting immune health. Botanical extracts give our products distinct benefits as well.

Clean Ingredients

We guarantee that no pesticides are used in growing our hemp flower and no residual solvents are found in our finished products. From farming to manufacturing, we ensure clean ingredients. Our Certificates of Analysis on each product page will ensure your safety as well. We continuously test to ensure our products contain no toxins of any kind.

High Potency

Since we farm our own hemp plants our products are more affordable. With capsules and gummies at 25mg, tinctures bottles at 1,000mg, and topicals at 500mg of activated hemp extract, we guarantee high potency, which leads to more beneficial effects. We are changing the market by offering premium, potent, and affordable products.

Safe Manufacturing

Quality is our passion. Generations have refined and perfected the way we farm. Innovations in sub-critical extraction methods retain more beneficial plant compounds than traditional or most extraction methods in the marketplace, which is why we use it. We employed a team of R&D specialists that included PhD scientists and industry pioneers to integrate functionally informed, benefit driven formulations into our products.

Affordable Pricing

Venterra Farms has the unique benefit of controlling the pipeline from 'seed to sale.' From the day the seeds are planted, we maintain control of the plants all the way through production of the finished product. We are changing the marketplace by offering premium, potent, and affordable products. Many product lines outsource everything from farming to extraction to relabeling other products...Venterra Farms controls it all.

Farming, we do it ourselves

Our products are produced using full-spectrum hemp extract. This process utilizes the whole-plant, meaning that you reap the benefit of all additional cannabinoids and terpenes found naturally in the hemp plant. We do not use our biomass (stalks and stems) to make our finished products, nor do we use isolates that are void of the other beneficial minor cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

Certificates of Authentication

Venterra Farms continues its commitment of being transparent by providing third-party lab testing on all our products. All products have a Certificate of Analysis on their specific product page that shows lab results from certified testing laboratories’ information on ingredient profiles and quality control methods. 


Activated is the key word to describe the heating (somewhat like cooking) of the hemp plant that actually activates the cannabinoids into effective compounds. For example, simply ingesting a raw hemp bud will not have the same benefits of “cooking” the plant first. If you simply heated the hemp flower, you will “activate” the beneficial cannabinoids (or to be technical, activate the decarboxylation process) thereby creating “Activated Hemp.” Once activated, hemp becomes the main ingredient for Venterra Farms products.
Our extraction process pulls CBD and other phyto-cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Other forms of extraction (for example, ethanol or alcohol based) do not activate as many of the beneficial compounds in the plant. Using sub critical extraction allows the most therapeutic compounds to be retained. Our formulation experts curate each product for specific benefits that show positive impact from natural botanicals.