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How Venterra Farms, A CBD Wellness Company, Is Revolutionizing The Concept of Farm-to-Table


Thanks to their unique farm-to-table model and 125 years experience growing the most premium products on the market, Venterra Farms has taken the CBD industry by storm.

Venterra Farms, a provider of pure, organically grown, premium CBD wellness products, is giving a whole new meaning to the term farm-to-table. With over 650 acres of Southern California farmland solely dedicated to growing hemp, Venterra Farms prides themselves on truly organic, honest, family-owned farming practices. Whereas most CBD brands and companies source the majority of their hemp and ingredients externally, Venterra farms does it all in-house. The hemp from their fields goes directly into their products, and they never use isolate in order to increase their potency numbers, a practice that’s unfortunately all too common in the industry. Furthermore, thanks to their extensive history of harvesting, Venterra Farms is equipped to handle large amounts of demand for this all-powerful plant. From their third-party lab testing, efficient handling of the land, and highly skilled farming team, the company doesn’t cut corners when it comes to getting their customers what they deserve.

CEO William Terry is the fifth generation to work on the soil of Venterra Farms, which is also known for their production of berries and other produce. In 2018, Terry officially began his CBD journey, originally using the hemp farming process as a water conservation method. Soon after, Terry decided to focus on adding high-quality hemp to the Terry family legacy and he hasn’t looked back since.

Venterra’s highest priority is to bring their customers safe, clean, potent and affordable hemp to assist with their daily wellness – all while cutting out the middle man. And, in order to ensure this, they’ve recruited experts who utilize food-grade compound extraction at high levels of quality control in order to create the best possible CBD products. Furthermore, they handpicked a team of R&D specialists that included Ph.D. scientists and industry pioneers, to integrate functionally informed, benefit-driven formulations into their products. Their product list currently includes capsules, topicals, gummies, tinctures, and even diffuser pens that all contain essential ingredients intended to be used for everyday life, all utilizing hemp extract.

As Venterra Farms continues its mission to cultivate exceptionally produced hemp products, they also educate their audience about CBD by providing accurate dosage suggestions and recommended products based on needs. Venterra Farms aims to keep its legacy as pure and reliable as it was 125 years ago, with the support of its incredible customers.

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About Venterra Farms

Specializing in top-quality hemp production, Venterra Farms is a farm-to-table CBD company whose products are hand-crafted with care and integrity and made through organic, non-GMO natural processes. They take the utmost pride in clean, safe and potent products so their customers can reap the extensive benefits of premium full-spectrum hemp.