Bully Stick 10mg

Venterra Farms has partnered with Okidoki Pets to bring you high quality, clean pet products.  Okidoki™ was founded out of our love of animals and belief that a natural approach to the emotional and physical wellness of our pets can create a more peaceful and playful life for our loyal best friends.

  • Slow Baked
  • All Natural
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • 10 mg CBD

Okidoki™ Bully Sticks are infused with fullspectrum hemp extract, including CBD and beef liver – it’s a blend of ingredients that dogs crave! This yummy combination provides your dog with a delicious, micro-dosed chew that supports mental stimulation and good dental hygiene while providing an enhanced sense of calm. 

The Okidoki™ Process
Our natural animal chew products are 100% sustainably sourced in the USA. Each chew is handcrafted, cooked, and individually inspected. We are and always will be 100% American-made! 
Q: How long does the CBD on the bully stick last?
A: Within the first chewing session, your dog will consume most of the CBD on this bully stick. 
Q: How often can I give my dog a bully stick?
A: Because they are very rich in protein, you can give a bully stick once a week if your dog consumes a whole stick. If your dog savors the stick, the stick can last for up to three months rather than consuming it.
Q: Can my dog get high off the CBD in this fullspectrum hemp-infused bully stick?
A: Absolutely not, but they might get addicted to the delicious flavor!
Q: How does a bully stick help with dental hygiene?
A: The grooves and crevices help to naturally scrape off tartar and bacteria that can make your pup’s breath smell less than spectacular.

Never leave your dog alone when giving them a bully stick and make sure they have plenty of water. Dispose of the bully stick if it becomes a choking hazard.

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