Mobility Drops 600mg

Venterra Farms has partnered with Okidoki Pets to bring you high quality, clean pet products.  Okidoki™ was founded out of our love of animals and belief that a natural approach to the emotional and physical wellness of our pets can create a more peaceful and playful life for our loyal best friends. Okidoki Mobility Drops can help relieve muscle aches and joint pain in your pup. Our full-spectrum hemp-derived cannabinoids contains Boswellia to reduce inflammation and enhance the effects of CBD. Dosing is simple with our easy-to-read dropper.

Like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system that helps with maintaining physical and mental wellness. Using CBD, alongside the other beneficial compounds found in hemp, may aid in supporting better health for your fur baby.

Shake well before each use. Use once daily.

Small Dog (<25lbs) = 1/4 dropper
Medium Dog (<50lbs) = 1/2 dropper
Large Dog (<75lbs) = 3/4 dropper
X-Large Dog (>75lbs) = 1 dropper

See our 3rd party lab results for the Mobility Drops here

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