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The industry for hemp extracts is growing every day – more and more places are beginning to sell CBD products.  Now is a great time to consider opening a wholesale account with Venterra Farms.  As a ‘farm to table’ style company, we make the commitment to you to be “safe, clean, and potent” so whether you are a distributor, a retail store, or an online store, you can be confident that your customers will appreciate Venterra Farms products.

The demand for high quality CBD products is expanding rapidly and the industry is beginning to take notice of the ingredients that go into the products being sold.  The commitment by Venterra Farms to only use hemp inputs that we grew, tested, and certified on our own farm is rare amongst other brands.  By setting up a wholesale account with Venterra Farms, you can guarantee access to the freshest and cleanest products in the marketplace that can be sold to almost all 50 states.

Our wholesale program offers competitive pricing for each category of products.  We look forward to engaging in long term partnerships with retailers and wholesalers that will have customers for years to come.

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why choose venterra farms products for your customer?

We are a family farm with a history of 5 Generations of California farming. Based in Ventura County, we started growing hemp to help conserve water and reduce pressure on the water supply in California.  As we learned of the many benefits of the hemp plans, functional wellness became our  mission and we launched a line of daily consumable products using the raw materials from our farm.  We understand that stress, sleeplessness, lack of energy, immunity all contribute to our health and daily well-being. CBD has been proven to be associated with alleviation of many complaints of daily life.  

To make sure our products are top quality, we ensure our raw materials are grown with organic inputs.  At Venterra Farms, we grow the actual hemp that’s in our products, we don’t source it from other farms or from other countries.  Our hemp is all grown naturally under the California sun.  The CBD itself comes from full spectrum, solvent-free hemp extracts, never from  isolate or synthesized/powdered forms of CBD.  This ensures that all of the benefits of the entire hemp plant make it into the products.   All of our ingredients are natural to ensure our promise of “Safe, Clean, & Potent.”

what are the best products for your store?


4 Flavors


All in One Disposable


3 Flavors


60 Servings


Mixed Berry Flavor


16 Servings




Instant Relief


2 Functions

375 – 750mg

1 Month Supply

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All our farming practices comply with organic standards. While many of our fields and our soil are organic, the hemp plant is not currently designated as “organically certifiable” here in California. We caution you to look for those claiming “Organic CBD” here in California when in reality it is only possible to be “organically grown.”

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Venterra Farms grows its own hemp in accordance with the strict guidelines of the California Department of Agriculture. All Venterra Farms product are third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality. Venterra Farms works with expert partners who utilize food-grade compound extraction at high levels of quality control.

Not all hemp products are created equally. Rarely will you find a hemp farm that controls the supply chain from “seed to sale.” Venterra Farms does exactly this: our products are made with the material from our own farms. By using organic farming methods, extracting only the flower portion of the plant, using state of the art extraction equipment and the formulation of experts and doctors – we promise high potency products made with cleanly farmed and formulated hemp extract that is manufactured safely