125 Years of Farming in Southern California


As the fifth generation to work the soil of Venterra Farms in Southern California, CEO William Terry has added organically farmed, high quality full-spectrum hemp to the Terry family legacy of berries and other produce. “Our mission has always been to grow, harvest, and sell our crops with care and integrity,” says Will. Venterra Farms’ sustainable, non-GMO, natural hemp production continues the Terry family’s bond with Ventura County farmland, which began in the 1890s with Will’s great-great grandfather Joe Terry. 

“Our rich soil provides the perfect conditions for sustainably grown, high quality hemp flowers to flourish.”

-William Terry, CEO Venterra Farms


As our homepage states, for 125 years we have been farming Southern California’s most fertile soil. Five generations of family farmers have proudly built what we call Venterra Farms. In accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the production of hemp as an agricultural commodity and removed it from the list of controlled substances, we began farming hemp. Originally, our hemp crops were used as a method of conserving water in Ventura County since the hemp plant reduces pressure on the water table by about 70% when compared to traditional row crops. Our goal is to bring hemp to our customers in that help with their daily lives – by way of being potent, clean, safe, and affordable. Hemp was once stigmatized, but we aim to bring hemp products to our community as an essential ingredient of everyday life.


Venterra Farms grows its own hemp in accordance with the strict guidelines of the California Department of Agriculture. All Venterra Farms product are third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality. Venterra Farms works with expert partners who utilize food-grade compound extraction at high levels of quality control.


The benefit of Venterra Farms’ longevity is confidence and complete transparency in business dealings plus top customer service to keep you happy and informed.

“We are eager to educate the public on the health benefits of full-spectrum hemp in all its various modes of delivery to the body and to provide information on dosage, strength, and ingredients,” says Will.

Venterra Farms is proud to be using only the highest quality hemp, made only from the flower of the plant, which contains the most nutrients and therapeutic compounds.


Not all hemp products are created equal. Rarely will you find a hemp farm that controls the supply chain from “seed to sale.” Venterra Farms does exactly this: our products are made with materials from our own farms, which has allowed us to bring the farm-to-table concept to the hemp industry. By using organic farming methods, extracting only the flower portion of the plant, using state of the art extraction equipment and the formulation of experts and doctors, we promise high potency products made with cleanly farmed and formulated hemp extract that is manufactured safely (so safe, in fact, that everyone at Venterra Farms has recommended it to their own Mother).